Natural Dye Instruction Booklet


Natural Dye Instruction Booklet

by Michele Wipplinger (deceased), updates by Andro Wipplinger

Forty-eight-page instruction manual for immersion dyeing, painting, printing, resists, and the use of extracts including color formulas.

Topics are:

Classification of Natural Dyes

Kettles & tools for dyers

Mordanting for protein and leaf fibers

Mordanting for cellulose

Immersion dyeing instructions

Painting with natural dyes

Discharging with natural dyes

Percentage measurements for extracts

Ochres and mineral pigments

Mixture colors obtained by mixing dye extracts and overdyeing with indigo

Colors obtained from Earthues natural dye extracts

Immersion dyeing percentage measurements for mixture colors

Painting on fabric dye stock solution formulas for mixture colors

Measuring spoon equivalents for natural dye extracts and mordants

Comprehensive indigo information and instructions

Descriptions of fourteen natural dyes